The Greatness in Man

I’m never lost on motivation or inspiration. For me it’s more of a challenge to build discipline. They’re the “twin-tools of power,” but  motivation comes and goes while self-discipline is a more proactive tool at your own grasp. Whenever I am short on inspiration I know just where to find it. That’s one of the keys, don’t wait for inspiration to hit or find you, it’s all around us. Take some time and get to know yourself, soak up your surroundings and life itself, it’s always there. Or you can take note of these facts (all facts are from author Supreme Understanding’s book Rap, Race and Revolution while * designates some of my own observations):

Every one of the 92 naturally occurring elements on Earth also occurs within your body. Even gold is found in small proportions in the human body, whether you have eaten it or not.

Just as the Earth’s surface is 3/4s water, the human body is 3/4ths water, and so is the human brain. And just as the most powerful natural forces on the Earth involve electricity and magnetism, your body has its own magnetic field and your brain operates using electricity.

It takes the same amount of time for blood to circulate from your heart throughout your body as it does for light to travel from the sun to the Earth(8 minutes, 20 seconds). Coincidence?

A human fetus progresses through several stages, which resemble all the different points in human evolution.

Light will actually change it’s course and nature based simply on the presence of an intelligent observer. (Why?How?)

*When you think about it, a couple thousand years ago, we didn’t have cars, computers, or video games. We didn’t suddenly receive these gifts (although some conspiracy theories like that of the ‘majestic12’ suggest otherwise). Everything we have here, today, in some way was already here before. In other words, none of the elements are new, everything was here on earth and is always here. So what’s changed? What’s helped this surge in technological advancements?

* And what’s more, everything that we’ve ever needed has been right here, and always is. We wanted to make cars, and everything was HERE.  While this isn’t foreign to many, it helps to remember not to look anywhere else. Everything that you see is the essence of creativity. I remember seeing this and thinking “man, what else is possible?” Until recently when I went to the Natural History Museum in LA, it was hard to fathom dinosaurs. Sure they’re old but, WOW, they actually existed! Those things you see in cartoons, Littlefoot and those guys.

What else is possible?What else can you imagine? It’s a sure bet that it’s not off at all.


One response to “The Greatness in Man

  1. Hey Robert. Loving the blog. This could be the start of something big for you. I think you’re on your way. Keep it up!

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