Should You Act? Why?

When the going gets tough in your journey to become an actor-or whatever you’re striving towards – you may find yourself asking this question. I remember reading in Audition- I think it was-  the author’s answer to the question. He said something like

If you have to ask the question, perhaps no, you shouldn’t be an actor. If you could be reasonably happy doing something else, then by all means, no, don’t become an actor.

Should is a word that I don’t like to include in my vocabulary. It takes away freedom of choice and kind of implies expectations and what not.

A better question would be, “Do I want to act? Would I like to act?” Or something along those lines.

A good follow-up question to ask would be, “What is my motivation?” This is your why.

As any actor can attest, your motivation is what compels you to act. So know that there is no wrong or right answer to this question but stronger and weaker. Whatever your answer, make certain that it is strong enough to sustain your fire and keep it burning while driving through the obstacles that you are likely to encounter along the way.

5 responses to “Should You Act? Why?

  1. Yes! “Should” is too grey. Everyone has their own “shoulds” and “should-nots”, and everyone’s motivations and lifestyle choices are too different to prescribe any sort of “shoulds”.

  2. I don’t agree with the author’s statement that if you could be reasonable happy doing anything else then you shouldn’t act. Things are never so black and white.

    • I’m so late responding. No doubt been neglecting this blog…

      Hmmm…I agree that things aren’t so black and white. The author speaks to those that question themselves as far as building an acting career.
      If anyone is striving to become an actor, yet, constantly complains about the hardships, the in-n-outs, etc. Then I’d probably give them the same advice. That person could have all the talent in the world and may be perfectly suited to the craft but the lifestyle comes with that. So I think his point was more in regards to filter out those that wouldn’t be a fit for the harsh lifestyle.

  3. Eminem Forever!!

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