Book, Writing and opportunities. Quick Update

Man, I’ve been neglecting this blog. Surprisingly, traffic has increased, without any type of promotion on my part. Guess, my content is timeless after all, eh?

I’m still writing. Still acting. Still working on my source of passive income.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. Writing

I didn’t/don’t want to overcrowd this blog with more self-improvement/development/growth-oriented content than acting content. Even though, I’m not solely an actor. I suppose it shouldn’t;t matter since it’s my blog. Anyways, I’ve been writing for Untemplater. So if you’re looking for any entries from me, you can catch them there.

Also, I’ve been getting a lot of writing opportunities from numerous sources. I got to write a piece for the upcoming book, The Hood Health Handbook, which is an anthology of health information geared towards the urban/hip hop community. They’re striving to get people who would never read a book, especially one regarding health, to become more aware and informed. I was happy to contribute.

2. Moving to LA.

Why? Because as an actor, I’ve got to be there. I hate spending 2-3 hours in traffic, just to go audition down there. I can’t stand traffic. Also, it will open up numerous opportunities. Most of my friends and a whole lot of like-minded people are down there. Vegans/vegetarians, people with the same spiritual and scientific beliefs, family, etc. It’s a whole new adventure. I’ll be moving down before the end of this year.

3. Reading and studying

I mentioned previously on this blog that I was looking to set up a source of passive income. *Sigh* I would have liked to have started on that already, but doubt was sinking in, as well as a plethora of other (read: financial) problems. It worked to my benefit though. I feel like I can really offer something of value now. It’ll be health-related, as that’s been the focus of my study for the past few months. I’m working on a small book regarding eating healthy on a budget. It’ll include recipes and other resources. With it, I hope to offer people a new perspective and challenge the idea that eating healthy has to be expensive. A friend talked me into it and a lot of people have been encouraging me and said they’d like to have the information. I just got to do some more research in this area. I’m also waiting for the Hood Health Handbook to come out, so as to make certain that I’m not writing anything that they already cover in there.

4. Extra work

I couldn’t call myself an actor if  wasn’t doing some type of acting work. I’ve been doing a lot of extra work lately. Nothing major or anything special. I did do a music video and got a split-second of fame-yet to get paid for it though.

Maybe I should blog about the little extra gigs that I do. They’re nothing exciting though, especially when you’re sacrificing your sleep to do nothing on a set for 6-8 hours.

Stay tuned…

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