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Hard Work

What is hard work?

I think of hard work as that which is challenging. That which would provide self-growth and development. I used to think of it as working hard, you know, physical labor and that sort of thing. Now I understand it to be more mental. Thinking smarter.

If you want to excel in your industry or area of expertise it’s best to tackle the hard work, which everyone else is avoiding. Hard work is usually about personal development, growing and aligning yourself with a specific principle. When you’re facing hard work, it’s most likely a matter of discipline,persistence, courage, truth, etc.

What is hard work for the actor?

Perseverance in auditioning. Can’t let the rejection get to you. It’s part of our life.

Cold reading, at least it is for me it is. So I’m making it a habit of cold reading daily, along with some other creative habits.  When it comes to auditioning, this is a priceless skill. Learn how to do it right and practice, practice, practice. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Being vulnerable? Maybe. You’ve got to be able to give of yourself when you’re on that stage. Open up.

These aren’t accurate, just my assumptions. The point is, in a hard industry just as entertainment, it’s useful to find an edge. Or sharpen your own edges with hard work.

What is hard work? What is hard for you may be different from what is hard from someone else, so define it and get to work on it.

Why So Many Starving Actors?

I’ve always wondered why there were so many starving actors out there. The numbers used to keep me from pursuing a career in acting. I used to think it was a whole ‘nother world. Complete with different principles and rules. After some observation and insight, I don’t think that anymore.

Actors are no different from anyone else

They do or they don’t set goals. Their goals may not be clearly stated. There are numerous reasons.


In Audition, Michael Shurtleff says actors fail not because lack of talent but because

1. They don’t work hard enough

2. They aren’t disciplined

3. They are literal rather than truly imaginative

4. They are victimized by their limitations and prejudices.

5. They are ruled by their negative side.

6. They are not persistent.

Of course there are numerous other reasons. Nonetheless, they’re some of the same reasons that anyone would fail at anything in life. Why is it that I hear of actors being late to set? In an industry so competitive and jobs seemingly scarce?

My technique teacher told me acting is more hard work than talent. So my aim is to find the hard work and build my capacity to do it.