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As it stands right now, I’m your typical starving actor. I mean, I’m not starving literally, I’ve been living off of sandwiches, pasta and enchiladas and other cheap vegetarian food, so I’m good.

I’ve decided that for the greater part of next year, my primary focus will be on my finances and my career will take a step down to the secondary slot. My plan is to work an additional part-time job and to pour all of that income into a savings account. All that money will then be used to take more classes the following year.

In addition, I plan to launch a Site-Build-It website with the same focus- the journey of an aspiring actor- come January. If everything works out, I should have my passive income stream in place by the end of the year. As an aspiring actor, I can’t think of a better way to support our career path. It should get rid of all the juggling jobs and stress that we have to deal with.

To this day, I have been posting on this site periodically without any type of schedule. Until I get my laptop fixed, which I plan to do in the upcoming weeks, my internet time is pretty much limited to the libraries hours or whenever I can get my hands on a friend’s laptop. Once that is done, I will posting more regularly and reaching out to connect and build more relationships with you people. Chow.